If you have friends who enjoy hijacking your food or drinks, then what you need is a form of protection! Yup pictured above is none other than a remote controlled armored drink carrier, which we hope the name itself should already clue you in as to what to expect. It has the ability to carry up to four 12 ounce cans of soda (or beer, if you prefer) and can be remotely controlled from up to 250 feet away. It also has retractable wheels and twin propellers that should have no problems helping it glide across surfaces of water, such as pools for example. To top it all off, it also packs a water gun that will hold up to 8 ounces of water and can shoot up to eight feet away, keeping your friends out of the way as it makes its delivery to you. Even if you don’t plan to have it transport drinks, the fact that it can shoot water and can be remotely controlled sounds like a pretty fun afternoon already. You will be able to pick one up for yourself at Hammacher Schlemmer’s website for a cool $100. So, any takers?

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