When it comes to drones as well as other devices which are remotely piloted, one would more often than not be limited by their controls. In other words, you will need to switch controllers whenever you decide to fly a different drone or control a different RC car, and this more or less rules out customization as well. However, thanks to some brilliant minds that have thought up of the Open Source Remote Control (OSRC) project, all of those remote control switching might end up as a thing of the past.

This particular peripheral will take advantage of a combination of modular hardware as well as other Linux-based software which would allow one to steer just about any other kinds of remote control devices or drones. Apart from that, it also sports a programmable interface that would enable one to swap in new wireless modules as well as shoulder switches in order to have it accommodate new drones – or in some cases, to help improve on existing controls.

In addition, one also has the choice of hooking up a 4.8” touchscreen module which is normally used in a first person view perspective, where it will ride on cellular networks or perhaps allows the user to share one vehicle between multiple operators. Pretty useful, don’t you think so, when it comes to a flying club or if you happen to be shooting a movie with the rest of your mates?

The core unit of the OSRC is said to come with 2.4GHz wireless and standard shoulder buttons, and it will cost approximately €480. For those who would want to see the inclusion of GSM, GPS and the touchscreen add-ons, you will have to fork out a whopping €1,250 on the Advanced kit, with a targeted release date of April 2015 if all goes according to plan.

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