Tron is a movie that has no doubt inspired plenty of sci-fi designs and this concept watch design by Alan from the USA is no different. Inspired by Tron: Legacy and 2001: A Space Odyssey, this watch features a square face with an LED face on a silver metal strap. According to its designer, telling the time on this watch is reportedly quick and intuitive, with the outer white circle representing the minutes in 5 minute blocks, while the blue ring in the middle teling the hours. The blocks in the middle represents 1 minute blocks, so minutes will be read via the white ring plus the number of white blocks in the middle. It has a very clean interface and pretty sleek looking to boot, plus given its simple design we expect it would not be impossible to manufacture. So if you like what you see, pop on over to Tokyo Flash to vote on it and who knows, it could eventually be made a reality!

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