While watches were originally designed to be a practical way of telling time, thanks to fashion and technology, watches have become more than that. If you prefer a less conventional looking watch, Erik from Columbia has come up with a concept watch which seems to have been inspired by the Yin/Yang symbol. It features two faces, with each face representing a six hour period, while in between those two faces is a progress line bar which is used to tell the minutes. As you can see in the rendering above, there are several counters on the faces of the watch, and each are used to represent 5 minutes. While it might not be very straight forward or easy to tell the time at a glance looking at this watch, in terms of design we have to admit that it is very sleek and rather unique in nature and wouldn’t mind wearing it ourselves! If you’d like more details about this Yin/Yang timepiece or to vote on whether it should get made, head on over to Tokyo Flash’s website for the details!

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