If you’re in the market for a hands free kit, TomTom might have something for you. This particular hands free kit not only provides a mount for your smartphone (supports both Android and iPhone devices), but will also allow for charging while on the go and will come with Bluetooth integration that will allow you to answer calls while driving, hands free of course. The accessory will sport a 2W speaker at the back which will help boost the audio quality and will also come with an extendable microphone, allow users to bring it closer to them so that they don’t have to yell over the sound of their engine or traffic. It also supports both landscape and portrait modes for those who want to use navigational apps while driving, i.e. TomTom. The default hands free accessory is priced at £80 while the version for the iPhone that comes with a navigational app bundled will set you back £130. You can check out the video above to get a better idea of what to expect, or you can pop on over to TomTom’s website for the details.

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