Just how tough do you think your smartphone is? Well, here could be a potential benchmark for you to look at – the Xiaomi Phone 2 which might debut this coming August 16th which is just a fortnight away, where it boasts of an extremely robust packaging that is touted to withstand weight of up to 180kg as you can see in the image on the right. Some of the rumors surrounding the handset that is nicknamed the “Xiaomi Phone 2” include a more generous display size, not to mention Qualcomm’s quad-core chip that has been clocked at 1.5GHz.

Not only that, the minimalistic packaging of the Xiaomi Phone 2 is also said to be extremely robust, where it is capable of withstanding weight of up to 180kg directly on top of it. One thing’s for sure, you are more or less guaranteed that your Xiaomi Phone 2 will not arrive in packaging that looks as though it has gone through better days. No sir, do expect your Xiaomi Phone 2 to be in pristine condition despite making it thousands of miles all the way to your doorstep from China. Bane might break the Xiaomi Phone 2 if he stands on it though, as its punishment must be more severe. Sorry, I just could not resist that…

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