If you have been following the tech news, then you probably have heard reports whereby Apple had one year left in their contract with Google over Google Maps, but chose to end that contract early and introduce their own Maps. Many are probably wondering why they did that, especially since based on the many reviews, Apple’s own take on Maps has been less than stellar. Well as it turns out, reports have suggested that the reason Apple decided to end their contract with Google early (apart from the obviously rivalry between iOS and Android) is due to one particular feature – voice guided turn-by-turn navigation.


According to sources close to the matter, Apple wanted that feature to be included in an updated version of the Maps app, but considering that was one of the features that Google had on its Android version of its maps that helped set it apart from its iOS version, Google wasn’t too eager to give that feature away. That and reports that Google wanted more say in the development of the iOS map along with the inclusion of Google Latitude had Apple cutting ties early. What do you guys think? Should Apple have just left Google Maps alone and let the contract run out and put more work into their Maps app in the meantime, or do you think Apple made the right decision by cutting the cord early?

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