With their millions of users, it is a tough task for social networks to keep their systems fool-proof against hacks and other vulnerabilities. Yet, the cleverest hackers nearly always find a way to go around it and somehow break into even the most secure systems.

The tech companies have often gone by the philosophy that to keep the system secure, they can really use the help of leading hackers. Apparently, Twitter is also abiding by it. The micro-blogging network has hired the notable Apple hacker, Charlie Miller, to be a part of its security team.

Miller is known to have found out a number of major security flaws in Apple’s iOS. Quite obviously, Twitter has hired him to discover similar flaws in its systems before the hackers out there get to know of them, so that they could be patched pre-emptively.

Twitter has recently taken a number of measures to up the security of its micro-blogging website. With an ever-growing user base and Twitter API used by numerous third-party apps, it must take quite an effort for the company to accomplish the task. And Miller can prove to be a very useful addition to its security team.

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