Apple’s instant messaging service, iMessage, was said to have experienced outage issues worldwide instead of it being a local occurrence, and it certainly contradicts the “All Clear” condition on its iCloud status website. The service outage is not a long and sustained one, but rather, one that happens sporadically.


Needless to say, this can be rather frustrating if you solely depend on iMessage to keep in touch with your family and friends, but I am quite sure that using other ways such as a simple phone call, an email or a standard text message will get the job done as well. Definitely not something worth losing sleep over or even tearing your hair out, but since it has something to do with Apple, surely there will be folks out there who are wondering what had just happened.

The exact source of the problem remains unidentified, although it does seem to stem from Apple’s servers as some users have claimed that wireless provider-based SMS text messages still manage to be sent out without any trouble. Not only that, there are no known effective workarounds available as at press time, but Apple did not step forward to share their thoughts on the matter at this point in time. I am quite sure that they have been alerted to the situation though, so it would have been nice to hear something said from Apple to soothe the iMessage masses…

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