For the most part we’re sure that many aren’t too concerned about every single component that goes into their iPhone, after all its usually the exterior design of the device and hardware specs such as processor speed, RAM and camera megapixels that help sell the phone, wouldn’t you agree? Either way for those interested about the innards of their iPhone device, it featured a noise suppression chip that was introduced as a separate component in the iPhone 4, and an integrated one on the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S. This chip was built by a company called Audience and according to recent reports, it looks like Apple might be passing on Audience’s chip for the next-gen iPhone.


According to the company’s CEO, Peter Santos, “Audience now believes that it is unlikely that the OEM will enable Audience’s processor IP in its next generation mobile phone. Audience is not aware of any intended changes by this OEM to its use of Audience’s processors or processor IP in prior generations of the OEM’s mobile phones.” This has led to some speculating that Apple could have built their own chip instead. Will it handle as well as Audience’s? We guess we will have to wait for the folks at iFixit to tear down the next-gen iPhone to see if these rumors pan out.

[Image credit – iFixit]

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