The “fastest man on the planet” might be Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, but this does not mean he is capable of outrunning a cheetah – far from it, and not only that, DARPA’s cheetah robot (which we saw earlier in the year) is also faster than the epitome of human speed on a pair of legs at this point in time.

The cheetah robot is the brainchild of Boston Dynamics, where it hits a top speed of 28.3 miles per hour, which is a wee bit faster compared to Usain Bolt’s peak of 27.78 miles per hour in his world record breaking run three years ago. Granted, the cheetah robot has a “slight advantage” as admitted by DARPA thanks to it running on a treadmill instead of a real track. I suppose that it is only a matter of time and eventuality that the cheetah robot will outrun Usain Bolt with all the improvements that DARPA’s scientists and engineers are concocted behind closed doors.

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