If you are an avid video game fan and have this particular hobby of collecting out-of-production video game consoles, then you would surely fall in love with the HyperSpin Ultimate Arcade Machine. Why do I say so? This behemoth (it stands at more than 7 feet in height, making it taller than most folks out there) claims to be able to play every video game ever made, including a bunch which never saw the light of day in the US, sporting some monster-sized specifications such as an adjustable 55” 3D LED monitor, a 38″ LCD rectangular marquee monitor, customized control panels that allows up to 4 player gaming sessions, and the trademark of all arcade cabinets – coin slots.

The HyperSpin Ultimate Arcade Machine is a concept that uses a custom user interface software, enabling gamers to enjoy fast and easy access to the arcade cabinet while running old school games which date back all the way to the 1970s. According to the creator of the HyperSpin Ultimate Arcade Machine, it had to have “every game that ever existed. On all platforms, computer or otherwise. Virtually every game.”

The entire shebang took nearly an entire year to design and build, and you can check it out in the YouTube video above. There was no disclosure on pricing details, but we sure hope that part of the purchase price includes regular updates to the game library as consoles end up shelved to make way for newer generation models in time down the road. How many people say that underneath the hood lies a PC?

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