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All You Can Arcade Delivers Retro Arcade Cabinets To Your Home
Video games are like the fashion world in some sense – going retro is always cool, regardless of your age. For those of you who happen to have sudden pangs of playing games on an arcade cabinet, a company known as All You Can Arcade is here to meet such a need with their new new monthly subscription service. Seth and Timothy Peterson will do their level best to meet […]

Rent Arcade Cabinets For $75 A Month Through New Service
 Even though the local arcade has, for the most part, become completely extinct, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who would kill to spend the afternoon flinging quarters at a room filled with arcade cabinets. The problem is, arcade joints are hard to come by, especially if you don’t live in or near a major city, but a new service promises to bring the arcade experience to your door.

Beer Pong Arcade Machine Tests Your Kid's Beer Pong Skills
It’s undeniable the “sport” of beer pong has become extremely popular over the years for college-aged young people as well as the occasional adult get-together where beer, red plastic cups and beer are readily available. But as of now, there are no places outside a dorm room where you can show off your beer pong talents, that is, until this Beer Pong Arcade Machine starts rolling out to the fifteen […]

Man Sets Q*bert World Record For Hours Played And Highest Score
We’ve heard of gamers playing games for hours on end, amounting to days even, and it looks like those habits don’t look to be breaking anytime soon as according to reports, it seems that two players tried to beat a world record by playing classic arcade game, Q*bert, for as long as they could. The previous record was set by Ed Heemskerk back in 2012 where he played a record […]


HyperSpin Ultimate Arcade Machine plays all video games to date?
If you are an avid video game fan and have this particular hobby of collecting out-of-production video game consoles, then you would surely fall in love with the HyperSpin Ultimate Arcade Machine. Why do I say so? This behemoth (it stands at more than 7 feet in height, making it taller than most folks out there) claims to be able to play every video game ever made, including a bunch […]

Limited Edition Art-cade machine up for auction, proceeds go to Japan Tsunami Relief fund
The folks over at BeSpoke Arcades, a premier arcade manufacturer in the UK, collaborated with a renowned street artist, SHOK-1, to come up with a limited edition, one of a kind arcade machine and have put it up for auction. Called the Art-cade machine, this custom made arcade machine isn’t like any regular machine that you can find at the local indoor theme park.It features over 350 games preinstalled, a […]

Capcom releases Final Fight and Street Fighter II Collection for iPhone
Console and arcade gamers of all ages should definitely know some of the more classic titles, such as Street Fighter and Final Fight. If you haven’t, these are games you should probably give a go to get what all the hype is about. Now the good news is that Capcom has released two classic titles onto the iPhone – Final Fight and the Street Fighter II collection.

Mad Catz announces Tournament Edition Arcade FightStick
Say what you will about the analog sticks on typical game console controllers, but there’s just something about a retro arcade styled joystick along with the slightly oversized buttons that makes games that require a lot of button mashing, such as Street Fighter and Tekken, so enjoyable.

Nanocade is a mini arcade machine in your home
The Nanocade turns your old netbook into a functional gaming console. If you’ve got an old netbook or laptop lying around the house, why not make use of it instead of letting it collect dust? The Nanocade aims just to do that. Making use of your netbook or mini-ITX motherboard, this DIY kit from designer Rasmus Sorenson lets you create a mini arcade machine for you to run all your […]

The Millennium Table holds your coffee while you play games
Are you a fan of coffee and arcade gaming? Then the Millennium Table might be just the right table for you. This interesting coffee table comes with an in-built arcade machine that contains 60 classic games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Asteroids! If you’re a clumsy drinker, you can rest assured that any coffee spillages won’t be damaging your arcade machine that’s tucked away safely behind some see through […]

Konami unveils 3D Road Fighters
For those of you who want to enjoy stereoscopic 3D gaming after watching numerous 3D films over the course of this year and yet cannot afford a PS3 to do so, how about taking a trip down to the local arcades instead? This is applicable only if you live in Japan, where gaming giant Konami has released a 3D version of their Road Fighters games, letting you choose from a […]

Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model brings exclusivity to gamers
Are you a hardcore arcade gamer? Then you might be interested to find out that the Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model has been released by PlayMechanix. This arcade shooter game will be able to re-enact most of the thrills and spills of last summer’s blockbuster even if you’re an arcade veteran who thought that you’ve seen it all. After all, with a 6ft x 8ft projection screen, it will definitely […]

Asus Eee PC Netbook Turned Into an Arcade Machine Up For Auction
Want a device that will give you that nostalgic feeling again? If you love the arcade games of old, you might want to check out this 9-inch Eee PC netbook arcade machine. Yes, that really is a netbook inside that. Its creator probably decided that the normal netbook design just wasn’t going to give the realistic feel when playing Pac Man and other games that he decided to cram it […]

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet Concept
Do you think your iPad would make a great gaming device? Apparently the folks over at ThinkGeek think so too, as they’ve come up with the iCade concept accessory. It’s actually an arcade cabinet for your iPad, allowing you to slide in your iPad, docking it on the iCade, giving it traditional arcade controllers, and making the whole setup resemble the arcade machines from your younger days. Once docked, launch […]