Even though the local arcade has, for the most part, become completely extinct, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who would kill to spend the afternoon flinging quarters at a room filled with arcade cabinets. The problem is, arcade joints are hard to come by, especially if you don’t live in or near a major city, but a new service promises to bring the arcade experience to your door.

A San Francisco-based company called All You Can Arcade is making it possible for arcade fanatics to get a taste of their favorite arcade games through a subscription service that asks customers to pay $75 a month as well as a $75 refundable deposit. All You Can Arcade customers will be able to rent any arcade game that’s currently in their inventory, such as Donkey Kong, Pole Position 2 and Street Fighter 2. All You Can Arcade currently stocks 100 games, which they state in their FAQ they will be adding more every month.

Potential customers would need to visit All You Can Arcade’s website in order to see what games are available in their zip code. If your game can be rented in your area, All You Can Arcade will wheel over the arcade cabinet to wherever you like. The owners of All You Can Arcade are hoping they can expand their service to the East Coast, which I’m personally hoping means the New York City area as I would easily sign up for this service.

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