In a bid to push its Windows Phone platform to success, Microsoft has been trying hard to ensure the availability of all the popular apps for Windows Phone devices. In recent times, we have seen a number of popular apps from iOS and Android platforms become available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. One such example is the PayPal app for Windows Phone.


It seems that Instagram is also on its way now. In a recent promotional video released by Nokia, you can catch a glimpse of an Instagram-like app running on a Windows Phone device. While we can’t be sure if it is indeed Instagram, such a possibility would make perfect sense.
These days, most users tend to gauge the usefulness of a smartphone from the sheer number of apps available for it – despite the fact that the raw number of apps is mostly irrelevant. That is precisely why Apple’s App Store, the largest apps market online, is considered critical in iPhone’s success. Nokia and Microsoft know this perfectly well and have been pushing hard to add at least most of the key apps to Windows Phone Marketplace.

If indeed Instagram lands on the Windows Phone platform, it would in turn bring Instagram scores of new users. For the developers too, Windows Phone apps are becoming a viable investments since they can leverage the same apps code on Windows 8 (desktop), which will soon have an install base too large to ignore…

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