There is word from a Taiwanese news report that claims assembler Pegatron will be rolling out anywhere from 50% to 60% of the new iPad mini production orders, while Foxconn is touted to pick up the rest of the slack. What you see above is not the real iPad mini as frankly, there has been no leaked images of this purported device to date, but rather, a mock-up of what it might resemble when placed beside your regular sized iPad.


According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Pegatron will handle majority of the production work compared to Foxconn, and to be able to come up with such verbage would mean the iPad mini is well on its way to production, or could even be in the midst of it already. This is rather interesting to note as all this while, Foxconn remained the only iPad assembler that Apple had engaged, and perhaps Apple is not about to put all of their proverbial eggs in a single basket. Industry analysts claim that it is possible to manufacture up to 5 million iPad minis each month with the workload split between the two manufacturers.

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