Last week, the Killzone Trilogy box set was announced where it merges Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 with a high-definition PS3 remaster of the original Killzone, making it the ideal purchase for hardcore fans of the franchise. Well, we diverge a wee bit today by focusing on the Killzone HD that will be released on PSN later next month – October 23rd, to be exact, alongside what the revealed Trophy List brings along to the table. The thing is, how does a 2004 title, albeit remastered in High Definition glory, fare after nearly a decade? This is where the story segment of the game is hugely important to make sure that gamers will still be able to return to it after many years without having any complaints other than the graphics.

Killzone HD now boasts of 720p graphics at a steady 30fps, sporting MSAA filtering, sharper textures and higher quality sound effects as you can see above. As for the trophy list, we still want to be under Santa’s “Nice” list this year, so you can head on here for the full set while we avoid the role of being a spoiler.

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