So it seems that LG’s Optimus G will be making its way into the US market come November, but will it be as the Optimus G or will it be as Google’s next Nexus handset? A few days ago, the Samsung GT-i9260 was spotted in a User Agent Profile which gave rise to the speculation that this could be the next Nexus device. However this was not a guarantee as Google has not officially announced it yet, but according to the folks at Android and Me, they have heard that LG is expected to produce a Nexus handset this year and given that the Optimus G will be their greatest smartphone to date, it has been speculated that perhaps the Optimus G could be the next Nexus phone.

Interestingly this does not rule Samsung out as according to earlier rumors, it has been suggested that there could be multiple Nexus handsets this year from LG, Samsung and Sony, so having both LG and Samsung make Nexus devices isn’t too ludicrous, unless of course the earlier rumors were wrong. Either way we’ll be taking this with a grain of salt for now and suggest you do the same, but what do you guys think? If true, do you think LG should make the Optimus G their Nexus handset, or do you think it would be better for them to release two separate devices instead?

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