It would seem that being a Microsoft employee this year would require you to purchase a new jacket, preferably one with large pockets, as it was reported that Microsoft employees will be on the receiving end of Surface tablets, Windows Phone 8 handsets, and Windows 8 computers.


The announcement from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did rouse quite the enthusiastic response at the end of the company’s annual employee meeting. We are not talking about just a select group of employees, but rather, all of Microsoft’s employees around the world (numbering more than 90,000) will be on the receiving end of a Surface RT tablet and a Windows Phone 8 device of their choice among others. Hmmm, where do I sign up to be a Microsoft worker? One positive thing about this move would be the fact that the Windows Phone 8 user base would gain an instant boost, although the number will not run up to the millions, it is still a boost nonetheless. It might just help make Windows Phone 8 more visible in the eyes of the world.

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