According to website Wii U Daily, it seems like Nintendo is working on creating the biggest Zelda game ever made for the Wii U console. To be honest this hardly seems like a surprise given that Zelda is one of the more popular titles from Nintendo, and with the Wii U expected to last Nintendo a good few years and to be able to compete with next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, well they certainly need a huge game to capture the attention of the gaming market.


If Wii U Daily has their facts right, the next Zelda game from Nintendo will be arriving in 2014 (still got quite a long way to go) and is expected to feature a forest dungeon larger than Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time. While larger certainly translates to longer gameplay, hopefully it will prove to be more engaging than annoying and repetitive. The game’s visuals will be aesthetically similar to that of Skyward Sword and will make use of the tablet controller of the Wii U. Apparently the Zelda game was one of the main reasons why the tablet controller was even designed in the first place.

In any case this isn’t much to go on for now, but we’re most certainly up to seeing and playing a new Zelda game, so stay tuned as we’ll update you guys when more information has been made available.

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