I would suppose that there are segments of Apple product users who are not too happy with the fact that their devices lack a removable battery, which means once the device’s battery runs into issues, there is no straightforward DIY replacement, but rather, you will need to deal with Apple themselves (or risk sending it to a third party phone store who claims to be able to change the battery for you for a small fee). Well, perhaps things might change in the future with word on the latest patent picked up by Apple concerning a universal removable battery system.

This particular patent’s focus on a universal removable battery system translates to Apple turning batteries from lithium-polymer or similar materials into commonly sized packs, where these can then be interchangeable between devices, delivering the benefits of removable, rechargeable batteries without worrying about different sized batteries for different models. Let’s just say this is a modern day version of the AA battery – some devices require more AA batteries, others use less, but it is a simple matter of getting the right amount of stuffing it in. The thing is, not all patents end up on store shelves as an actual product, so be prepared for more non-removable batteries in Apple’s products in the immediate future.

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