I am quite sure that you know just how the photosynthesis process works – during the day, plants will use their leaves to gather as much sunlight as possible, releasing oxygen into the air along the way while they keep themselves nourished. Having said that, it is always good to make sure your plants receive the optimal amount of sunlight, and just in case you figure out that one of your potted plants seem to stop growing no matter what kind of fertilizer you “feed” it, perhaps all it needs is just a wee bit more sunlight than normal. How about creating one of the Plant Host Drones for yourself?


Basically, the Plant Host Drone is useful for folks who hardly spend enough time at home, where all they need to do is place their favorite, sunlight-hungry plant at the back of the drone, and it is good to go. Bascially, the Plant Host Drone will seek for light whenever it is active, making its way to the brightest spot around so that your plants it is carrying will also benefit along the way. No idea on just how accurate it is in figuring out the bright spots of your home, but at least it is a novel idea worth working on. Perhaps a future version might see it be able to water your plants as well?

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