Most of the time, we would think that leftovers from our food could actually be “shared” with other “members” of the household such as your pooch or cat (although I personally think that this is not too healthy for our furkids), but who would have thought that regular unfinished food could actually be turned into “food” for your plants? This is what the Re-Feed device concept does, liquefying your leftovers while pumping the result of that process straight into your flowerpots, while looking like some sort of dehumidifier on your desk.

All you need to do is drop in organic scraps, where the battery-powered blade will chop up the mix, leaving that to compost. Once done, just add some water and your plants should be on the receiving end of a balance diet. Heck, the Re-Feed can even be programmed to perform the feeding process just in case your forgetfulness kicks in. There might be issues with the smell though, but thankfully this is still a concept as at press time, so we should be able to see future iterations of this concept solve that particular issue.

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