War is serious business, and you know that there is no extra life for you to fall back upon unlike in a video game. Ever wished that you could help sacrifice yourself for the safety of your team, without dying in the process? You can soon perform kamikaze attacks behind enemy lines, thanks to Textron Defense Systems’ latest invention, a flying drone which was specially designed to blow up upon contact with enemy positions. Known as the BattleHawk Squad Level Loitering Munition, this compact flying will be equipped with a 40mm high-fragmentation charge.

An integrated video camera located in its nose lets you see where it is headed, so that ground troops are able to remotely pilot it to attack hiding enemy forces. It reminds me of the classic Cyber Empires game for the PC, where you fired long range missiles from your robot and controlled where it went, exploding upon impact.

Tipping the scales at approximately five pounds when packed inside its special launching tube, a built-in spring will help propel the drone into the air, where the electric motor will then kick start the small rear propeller. The moment it is launched, it is armed, where it travels at up to 60mph to its target with a maximum flight time of 30 minutes thereabouts. It specializes in attacking dismounted enemies and light-skinned vehicles, so forget about busting tanks with this puppy.

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