Some people claim they do not like wearing watches because they do not enjoy the feeling of having something strapped to their wrist, so we can only imagine how they might feel about handcuffs. That being said, it looks like this handcuff inspired watch by Jordan from Canada may very well prove to be one of their worst nightmares. Dubbed the X Con, as you can see in the rendering above, this is a rather unique looking watch in the sense that it has been shaped to look like a handcuff.

In fact it even comes with a key that will open the watch to put it on or off, although we’re not sure what will happen if you lose the key! The date and time is displayed on the length of the cuff and can be activated by tapping a touch sensitive area. It’s a very unique design as far as watches are concerned, and if you like what you see, head on over to Tokyo Flash to leave a comment and who knows, the X Con handcuff watch might be made a reality!

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