Each of us has a different set of sleep patterns. Sleep patterns usually comprise of our physical positions as well as heart beat and breathing rates, while we sleep. Scientists at the University of Helsinki have now developed a software which can turn your sleep patterns into music.

The idea sounds exciting in that each of us essentially has a unique sleeping pattern, so the corresponding music for it would also be unique. In order to record the sleeping patterns of a person, a Beddit sensor has to be placed under his/her mattress. This sensor comes with internet connectivity and once it has collected the relevant data, it uploads that data to Sleep Musicalization website.

This is where the role of this new software comes in. According to Aurora Tulilaulu, a student at the university who developed this software, “The software composes a unique piece based on the stages of sleep, movement, heart rate and breathing. It compresses a night’s sleep into a couple of minutes.”

The chief aim of this software is to enable the researchers to present the data in a new form – in this case, as music. Hannu Toivonen, the professor under which this software was developed, says, “We are developing a novel way of illustrating, or in fact experiencing, data. Music can, for example, arouse a variety of feelings to describe the properties of the data. Sleep analysis is a natural first application.”

If you have a Beddit sensor to record your sleep patterns, you can upload them to the Sleep Musicalization site. Even if you don’t have one, you can listen to the music of others’ dreams at the site.

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