I know that not many people are able to afford diamond studded luxury handsets, but then again, neither do the majority own a Ferrari in their respective garages. This has not stopped luxury handset manufacturer Vertu from churning out new models from time to time, where we will take a look at the Vertu Constellation Neon and Blue series today. The new Constellation Neon series will run on the Nokia Belle operating system, using the Nokia C7 as its base, which is not too different from all its predecessors from the Constellation range. Hmmm, 2010 technology in 2012 is not too hot, Vertu.

As for the Constellation Blue handset, what is underneath the chassis will more or less be identical to the Vertu Constellation Quest, and that handset was announced nearly a couple of years ago. To put it in a nutshell, it is an over-glorified Nokia E6. Count us out, although we do wonder who has more money than sense to pick up either.

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