Who would have thought that a clever mixture of salt and water could result powering a lantern of the future,it thanks to the efforts of the folks over at Green House of Japan. This LED lantern of theirs will survive on electricity that is generated through water and salt. Also known by its tongue-twisting model number “GH-LED10WBW,” the LED lantern does not need any dry cell or rechargeable battery to run, and will burst into life the moment water and salt are put inside.

Each charge of water is said to deliver up to 8 hours of electricity, now how about that? The clever and careful mixture? We are looking at 350ml of saline water that holds 16 grams of salt, mixed together using a dedicated water bag. The saline water works as an electrolyte with a magnesium (Mg) rod (negative electrode) and a carbon rod (positive electrode) within the lantern to get it lighted up at a luminosity of 55 lumens. No idea on pricing, but this special LED lantern should the Japanese market sometime from the middle of this month onwards.

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