Today is Friday, and as you wind down the week while looking forward to the parties that are lined up for you to attend over the weekend, you might want to spare a thought for boring old Monday which normally has a psychologically dampening effect for most folks. Why not perk up your Monday next week by tuning in to what Toys R Us in New York City has to announce at 8am EST on October 8th? The animated GIF that you see above depicts a bird of Rovio fame covered in a Jedi robe (we’re assuming this because the Sith do not use blue-colored lightsabers) with a lightsaber that lights up from time to time.

We do wonder just how far the Star Wars universe would come into play (pun not intended) where the next iteration or release of Angry Birds, and if our upset avian friends were to have enough midi-chlorians in their lightweight frames to manipulate the Force, most of them will most probably end up in the Dark Side of the Force due to their angry nature alone. Remember Master Yoda’s statement, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to…suffering.”

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