Normally, java, a popular term used to describe coffee, is taken to give its drinker a “kick” due to the properties of caffeine that coffee beans carry. The thing is, the programming language Java has been given the boot instead of being the one doing the kicking with the latest OS X update from Apple. In plain English, Java has been kicked out of all Mac-compatible browsers should you apply the latest OS X update.

For OS X users who applied the update, bear in mind that you will need to also perform a reinstall of Oracle’s version of Java should you want to run Java applets in your Web browser. I guess this will more or less affect only a small number of users, as most of the Internet trolls (nay, users) would not have noticed anything out of the ordinary. What do you think of this move by Apple? One thing’s for sure, at least it reduces the risk of an external infection from malicious Java applets.

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