If you’re living in Europe and you were thinking about getting your first iOS device, you might be interested to learn that last Friday, it seems that Apple has bumped the prices up in its European iTunes App Store. This was primarily due to the exchange rate changes, where now the minimum price of an app in the iTunes App Store will go for $1.15. One developer thinks that Apple could have factored in value added taxes (VAT) in its price increase, but ultimately we guess both Apple and developers stand to gain in this price hike. Granted it’s not a very huge difference in price from before, but there is also the psychological component behind it – imagine paying $0.99 versus $1.15.

Additionally Apple has also updated its stores which will now allow buyers in some countries to pay in their local currency, versus in USD. This includes Russian rubles, Turkish lira, Indian rupees, Indonesian rupiah, Israeli shekels, Saudi Arabian riyals, South African rand, United Arab Emirates dirhams and the Danish kroner.

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