apple redAs you might have heard, Apple has recently turned the logo of its stores red in order to promote the (RED) campaign that helps fight against AIDS. However iOS users might have also recently received a notification on their phone informing them about apps that support the (RED) cause. While the (RED) campaign is a noble one, it seems that there are some who are criticizing Apple’s use of the notifications.

The reason for some users being upset is because it feels like double standards. One of the guidelines for developers is that they’re not allowed to send users push notifications that are meant to promote or advertise content, but in this case it seems that Apple decided that they are above their own guidelines when they issued notifications of their own.

Of course some are defending Apple’s practice claiming that it’s okay for Apple to use push notifications because they are simply promoting a good cause, although this does beg the question as to why can’t other developers do something similar too? In any case the promotion basically highlights apps and promotions that are related to (RED) with a portion of the sales to go towards the charity.

In any case what do you guys think? Were you a little miffed at the unsolicited push notification from Apple, or do you think that it’s perfectly alright for Apple to do that in this case?

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