At CEATEC 2012, we’ve had the opportunity to see the Asukanet AI Plate for ourselves as the company had built a live demo in their booth. The overall idea of the AI (Aerial Imaging) Plate is to project an image that looks like it is floating in the air – you know, star wars style. According to the Asukanet representative, the intended first use is advertising in shopping malls. Customers would walk to a glass floor where an item is projected as a “hologram” (it’s not technically a hologram).

For this to work, the user needs to focus his/her eyes on the object, or it just looks “projected” instead of “floating”. Unfortunately, the image quality wasn’t so great, and it reminded me a bit of the paper-based holograms that change when you shift your head left and right (but a much better version of that). That said, we’ve been told that the system is very cheap to produce and install, so it looks like you simply just can’t have it all.

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