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Samsung Appears To Be Interested In Smartphone Hologram Technology
It’s always in the movies that we see computers and displays with working interactive holograms, although a recent DIY hologram display for your smartphone has been seeing a lot of interest as well. That being said if you wanted a more complete solution, Samsung seems to be interested in the idea as well.According to a recent Samsung patent discovered by the folks at Patently Mobile, it looks like Samsung is […]

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Hologram Display With This DIY Solution
In the movies and sci-fi TV shows, it’s not uncommon to see the characters have communication devices which have holographic displays. Now if you’ve always wanted something similar for yourself, you’re probably thinking that we’re years or maybe even decades away from something similar.As it turns out that might not be the case. In fact you could go ahead and give your smartphone a holographic display right now, thanks to […]

Takee 1 Claims To Be World's First Holographic Phone
A couple of years ago when the concept of 3D movies was starting to catch on, some companies, namely HTC and LG, decided that it would be a good idea to create 3D phones as well, meaning that users could look forward to 3D content and games without the need for 3D glasses, kind of like the Nintendo 3DS.However fast forward to today, it seems that the idea of 3D […]

Hologram Module For Smartphones Planned For 2015
We’re sure many of you guys remember seeing in sci-fi movies how they have communication devices that project holograms. So instead of putting our phones to our ears to talk, we can instead communicate with the other person via a holographic image. It’s pretty cool, right? Now we’re also sure you guys are wondering when will such technology be available to us?Turns out that the answer to your question is […]


Michael Jackson Appears In “Slave To The Rhythm” Performance
When was the very first time that you watched a movie and figured out that you were unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is computer generated? I am quite sure that for some of us, Jurassic Park would be one of the earlier titles, while others might point to the work done on Terminator 2. Regardless, computer animation work has advanced to such a degree […]

Microsoft Holograph Technology Ushers In The Future
The future of interactive user interfaces might be here already, assuming you are into cool looking 3D holograms that tend to be featured in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Microsoft Research has shown off a new project known as Holograph recently, where it was put through the paces, rendering large amounts of data, and not only in 3D, but also in a manner where it resembles as though it is […]

VIPE "Holodeck" From Northrop Grumman
Virtual reality (VR) has been a topic which is widely spoken about before, and when it comes to the world of gaming, you know that virtual reality could be the next big thing, as games start to get more and more immersive as time passes by. Of course, one would normally associate VR gaming with a whole lot of equipment required for a decent experience, but it seems that military […]

Turkish Prime Minister Delivers Speech Via Hologram
If you have seen the older Star Wars movies, you probably remember the scene where Princess Leia delivers her plea for help via a hologram that was projected courtesy of R2-D2. Back then technology like that was the stuff of dreams, and apparently science fiction movies too, but fast forward a couple of decades later, holographic technology is no longer a concept that is in a galaxy far, far away. […]

DVE Immersion Room Announced
Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. (DVE) has just announced the launch of their DVE Immersion Room, which happens to be a first-of-its kind Holographic Presentation Room, and it will be powered by Microsoft. Seemingly more a piece of technology from the future, like say, from the bridge of a starship, the DVE Immersion Room could very well be the next big thing when it comes to upgrading one’s corporate offices as […]

Beam Remote Controlled Robot Avatar
Now here is what one might deem to be as close as one can get to a hologram of sorts. Sure, it is not the conventional hologram that one would think of, but rather, it comes across as a robot avatar known as Beam. Beam, the remote-controlled robot avatar allows one to have a physical presence in two places simultaneously, and this is made possible thanks to a 17” display […]

Virtual Receptionist ‘Hologram’ Presented By UK Government Office
Holograms are an extremely interesting segment of technology which could be pursued further for more practical applications in real life, and while we have seen our fair share of holograms in science fiction movies, the real world is still lagging behind in such technology. However, advances have been made in the past, and now, a branch of the U.K. government intends to streamline select customer service functions, and have decided […]

Death Star Holographic Globe Arrives On iOS Platform
“That thing’s operational!” is one of the more famous quotes upon discovering that the Death Star might not look completed, and yet it is already more than capable of swatting aside the MC-80 cruises aside like flies. Having said that, don’t you wish that holograms could have been invented so that they can see action in everyday use? Well, that is seemingly the case with the Star Wars Death Star […]

Holovision Full Sized Hologram A Possibility
Holograms have always fascinated humankind ever since the idea of it was shown off in a science fiction movie. In fact, who would not want to have a holographic representation of the other person on the line appear in front of you whenever you take a call? It would be so cool, and even cooler when you have a human-sized hologram to play around with. HoloVision could pave the way […]

Holograms In Your Living Room Could Be The Future
Holograms in your living room from your TV could be a reality soon.