bill gates surfaceWith the Windows 8 launch in full swing, there is a lot of communication coming from Microsoft, but a Bill Gates interview is arguably much more interesting than a TV commercial. Of course, it won’t come as a surprise that Bill Gates supports the Microsoft Surface tablet, but it’s probably clear that it has to be more than a bit special for him since he was supported the “tablet” idea for so long.

Bill gates was still around when Microsoft’s CTO Ray Ozzie coined the “three-screen and a cloud” (TV, PC, Mobile — in 2009) which sets the goal of having a consistent experience across multiple devices. A few years later, this vision is about to have its best implementation yet with the arrival of Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 8. It’s not hard to imagine that he is genuinely excited about this.

“You can’t appreciate it, without seeing it. Go to a store” says Bill Gates. Now that Microsoft stores are popping all over the country, that may ultimately be the easiest thing to do. for the details, stay tuned for our own review of the Microsoft Surface as it should come out within days. So far, what do you think of the Surface, and what would you like to see in a review? Watch the video in the full post. 

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