Offense is the best defense, and when it comes to war, making sure that your enemies’ communications are knocked out is a pivotal first step towards victory. With so many armies and their weapons relying on sophisticated electronics these days, it makes perfect sense to knock out those circuits to render communications and their weapons as useful as sand in the desert. Boeing has developed a new kind of missile, where they tested it last week successfully, as this missile will actually zap targeted buildings with microwave energy that is so powerful, all the electronics within will cease functioning immediately.

Known as the Boeing CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project) missile, it flew over a test range in Utah, with a double story building being the target. CHAMP’s microwave beam was directed towards the building as it passed, rendering all the computers within disabled, and this included the cameras set up to monitor the results. We do wonder whether the enemy has something of this sort in their own armory, and can it be used to disable CHAMP as it flies toward the target? It did not say that CHAMP is a portable, targeting EMP, but it sure sounds like it.

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