Many years ago, when it came to making backup of your computer data and hard disks came in sizes of 4MB (while costing hundreds of dollars), a far cheaper way for organizations to ensure their digital data remains preserved would be to used cassette tape recorders. These might be slow and clunky, but they had two main advantages – they’re far cheaper compared to hard disks, and had a whole lot more storage space. IBM and Fujifilm has taken a second look at data storage cassettes and decided to develop working prototypes, and such data storage cassettes are said to be able to hold up to 35TB of data each, and are up to 200 times more efficient compared to standard hard drives.


These prototypes, despite holding up to 35TB of data, measure extremely small. We’re talking about dimensions of just 10cm x 10cm x 2cm! Large data centers seem to be the best bet when it comes to looking out for customers of such a data storage device, and the average home consumer might just want to consider this to perform weekly or monthly backups of their work.

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