clarion full digital speakers[CEATEC 2012] If you’ve got a nice and loud audio system set up in your car, and you’re looking for a way to keep the same audio output capabilities without the need for an additional car battery – you’re in luck. Clarion recently announced the launch of its full digital speakers for vehicles. Brand new high performance speakers that are touted to produce lossless quality digital audio, at the fraction of the power needed to run your current lossy audio-playing digital analog speakers. The full digital speakers eschew the need for a digital to analog converter through the use of Clarion’s digital signal processing technology. This means that you’ll be able to listen to your music the way it was intended to when you’re playing it from a  CD or high-quality digital audio file.

While it’s only for cars at the moment, you can expect to see it pop up a lot more in the future (assuming Clarion markets and pushes the speakers well) – with more cars going green (hybrid or full electric) – you can’t really go wrong with low power consumption, high-quality in car entertainment systems. No word on pricing just yet, but we should see these full digital speakers go on sale in Japan by the end of the year.

[Press Release]

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