Look into a modern day home or office today, and most of the time there would be bits of information being transmitted that the naked eye cannot see – via wireless networks and over your smartphone. The thing is, what other modes of data transmission can there be? Fujitsu has come across a new idea for a technology that could very well see action in the future when it is properly developed – by sending data using video. Fujitsu intends to make this technology practical sometime next year, hoping to make it an easy way to transmit information between smartphones and TVs.


The application of such technology can be interesting. For instance, when you watch a TV commercial that tugs at your purse strings, just retrieve more information by pointing your smartphone at the TV, instead of booting up your computer and searching for a keyword over a search engine. Similar applications can be made using visible light communication, digital watermarks, and QR codes, but those require special receivers and have the disadvantage of noise being embedded in the picture which could very well affect its quality.

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