Some of us do not have a very good reputation around consumer electronics, as we tend to send them to an early graveyard due to our very own clumsiness. Well, perhaps when it comes to the G-GRIP Bluetooth speaker, things might change for the better as this small device claims to pack a “mighty sound in a compact package”, where it can be yours for $69.99 a pop. What would be the greatest advantage of the G-GRIP Bluetooth speaker be? It is not only portable, and was built to last. In fact, lab tests have seen the G-GRIP Bluetooth speaker dropped from more than 8 feet, remain strong under over 1,300 pounds of weight, all the while still being able to send audio waves out from it without giving two hoots about what is happening to it.

At least to carry around a device which is capable of taking a beating, it sure as heck gives one a whole lot more peace of mind, even more so when you travel to the great outdoors. The G-GRIP Bluetooth speaker will have up to an 8 hour battery life, and you can juice it up over USB when required. Just in case you do not own a Bluetooth device in the vicinity, the G-GRIP Bluetooth speaker will still play nice with other audio playback devices over a 3.5mm audio cable.

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