There is a fast food sushi joint that uses iPads as their menu, so that the floor staff just need to concentrate on filling up empty glasses with sake or green tea, as well as serve the food to the corresponding table when it is ready. However, generally speaking, to install iPads as menus is a far more expensive option compared to traditional menus, although the flexibility of changing your menu without incurring additional cost is there. One thing about food and iPads is this, if your food is greasy, cleaning up your iPad afterwards might be a problem. This has not stopped the McDonald’s in Hampton Roads to offer free use of their installed iPads though as a value added service.


The iPad will be perched on white stands at four tables, where each one will hold a couple of these popular tablets back-to-back, enabling customers to check their email accounts, play a quick game, or perhaps even go through some online shopping motions while they are at it. What do you think of this approach for fast food restaurants – will it keep people at McDonald’s longer than normal now?

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