Depending on which gym you go, there is a chance that the more expensive and high-class gyms offer entertainment options to their clients. This could come in the form of several large screen televisions spread across the gym, or there could even be mini televisions hooked up to various cardio equipment. While that’s well and good, we’re sure that there are some out there who would rather turn to their smartphones or tablets for entertainment and exercise equipment manufacturer, Life Fitness, has announced a new range of exercise equipment that will be compatible with Android devices.


These include the Elevation Series Discover SE and Discover SI Treadmills, Cross-Trainers, and Lifecycle Exercise Bikes and will come with a mini USB connector that Android devices can connect to. As expected not only will this mini USB connector let users charge their phones while exercising, but will allow users to interact with their phone via a large 19” touchscreen display. Of course features will vary from equipment to equipment, but we expect the basic features such as accessing your music, videos, and books should be there. On top of that, Life Fitness has also announced an LFConnect app that will allow users to customize the home screen on the Life Fitness exercise machine that they are using.

This includes features such as displaying calories, pace, time remaining and/or heart rate. Granted these are features that can normally be found on most exercise equipment, we guess the customization will let users display what they want and even store presets for future use, such as speed, incline and etc. Life Fitness has also announced that they will launch an Open API called LFopen that will allow developers to come up with apps designed for their machines. So if you thought that going to the gym is a boring experience, hopefully this Android integration will make things a little more interesting and entertaining.

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