What you see above is touted to be the Chinese version of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920, where it will be known as the Lumia 920t. Now, China’s mobile networks run on a different spectrum than that of those elsewhere in the world, and the same can be said for Japan and South Korea. Well, to see a Lumia 920 variant developed specially for China does not surprise us, but rather, it is to be expected considering how in the past, the Lumia 800C (obviously a shout out to folks in China who want the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 810) was said to have done well for itself in the world’s most populous country.


Could this signal a shift in marketing and sales strategy for Nokia, as they work on a potentially lucrative market? This might be a big deal, considering how the iPhone 5 has yet to roll out in China, in fact, there are legal issues that need to be worked out before Apple’s best iPhone yet is able to arrive in that part of the world, so having a Lumia 920 variant does make plenty of sense as it fills a market need and offers first mover advantage of Nokia.

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