Do you have a good business idea that is swimming right in your head? Well, if it happens to be a consumer electronics valet service, someone else already beat you to it a few years back. For instance, since phones are banned in all New York City public schools, any student caught flouting this rule would have their handsets confiscated – but this rule is widely ignored except for those a select number of schools that have metal detectors. Outside of such schools lie entrepreneurs who park their trucks, waiting for students to drop off their phones and perhaps tablets before class, receiving them back after the school day is over.

The cost could run into $180 each year, but majority of the students claim that it is worth every penny spent. I don’t know about you, but why not just leave the handsets at home? Surely a student’s life is not that busy until one needs a phone wherever one goes? There is such a thing as a public phone, and if you happen to really need to make an emergency call, a good Samaritan nearby ought to be sufficient. Not only that, leaving your handset with a valet has its fair share of risks, too, such as having said valet getting held up.

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