Printers are usually a must-have at offices. You never know when you may have to snatch a few quick prints of that important document that needs to be in hard copy. In fact, printers have also find a space at homes where they are utilized for a whole host of things, from printing written assignments to doing that from-home job at the last minute.

However, the size of the printers can be a problem. Put it in your work-space and it seems like a giant machine occupying the greater part of the desk. The usefulness admitted, the clutter of a printer can be a little annoying. Neilson Navarrete has now presented a concept design of a really cool printer which adjusts to different sizes.

The printer is aptly named ‘Retractable Printer’ since it can be easily retracted into a small size whenever needed. Apart from the space-occupying issues it resolves, it is also an effective solution for someone who has to frequently get prints of different sizes. From the looks of it, we are hoping that you can even get a poster-size print out of this nifty piece of hardware.

The images provided by the designer provide a concept of how the internal hardware of the printer will respond to size adjustments. For instance, when expanded, the color cartridges will be aligned in a single line while when you reduce the size, the cartridges easily adjust behind each other. While the concept is really cool and handy, one hopes that it does see the light of the day.

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