Yes, we do know that there are several versions of the Iron Man suit by playboy-billionaire Tony Stark, but make no mistake about it, the Robotboat Mark VI is by no means a suit that is worn by a human which will make up part of the Avengers. Rather, this is a robotic boat (as though you cannot tell by its name already) that is powered by solar energy panels so that it needs not stop by for any refueling activity, and in order to have it arrive at the intended destination, all it uses are a wing sail as well as an assistive electric propulsion system. Not only that, the Robotboat Mark VI will also come with a self-righting mechanism so that it will always remain afloat as far as possible in far off waters, pinging back the “command center” so to speak with data for near indefinite periods of time.

The ultimate goal would be to deploy a fleet of the robotic boats in order to help out in managing the environment, sea life, and accidents such as oil spills. I wonder whether it can also be used to monitor pirate boats, and what kind of self-defense mechanisms does it have against vandals.

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