motheye glass demonstrated in the middle

[CEATEC 2012] When choosing to buy a display, one of the factors consumers have to decide is whether they want a screen with higher contrast and lower glare or vice versa. Well, it looks like Sharp has got a solution to the problem with its new glass panel technology called motheye. As the name implies, it was inspired by a moth’s eye – which is said to have properties that eliminate reflection. Well, they studied the insect’s eye and realized that most of the anti-reflection comes from the moth eye’s surface which is rough and bumpy. When light hits this rough surface, it is sent bouncing away instead of splitting up and causing glare. In addition to reducing glare, this rough surface will also help light from beneath it shine through without splitting up and losing its intensity.

With this knowledge in mind, the researchers at Sharp managed to come up with a glass panel that has similar properties to the moth’s eye (hence its name). When applied onto displays, this glass panel will reduce glare for the viewer and at the same time retain the color intensity and contrast of the light behind it. We’ll be seeing this new glass being used in commercial products in the near future, so hopefully the glossy vs. matte displays argument can be put to rest soon.

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