There has been quite a bit of fuss lately over the quality of Apple’s Maps app. While it certainly was touted to be a powerful program at its unveiling, reports across the web has suggested that it leaves much to be desired. That being said, a recent survey conducted by a SEO ranking company has found that a pretty surprising 74% of those they surveyed said that they were fine with the Maps app. It should be noted that out of the 1,100 respondents, only 200 were chosen because they had iOS 6 and the Maps app. Granted this is a pretty small sampling, their response was considered significant due to their diversity.


Out of the 200 people they surveyed, 50.7% said that the issues surrounding Maps had not affected them personally, while 23.3% considered the app to be good enough for their needs, while 17.2% said that the issues were annoying but was not a deal breaker. The remaining percent of the users surveyed weren’t too happy about the Maps app, with some saying that it could affect their buying decision, while the rest said it put them off from buying another iPhone in the future. Apple is currently working on improving its Maps app although given the amount of data and years that Google has on them, we expect it might be a while before Apple finally plays catch up.

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