symbian-anna-officialWe’ve known for a while that Nokia would eventually cease the production of Symbian-based devices in favor of concentrating on its Lumia lineup of Windows Phone devices, and according to The Financial Times, it looks like that end is nigh as Nokia will reportedly send its final shipments of Symbian handsets to retailers this summer. Prior to this point in time where smartphones are the norm, Nokia used to reign supreme with their Symbian-based devices, which are now typically referred to as feature phones.

For a while Nokia continued to reign supreme even with smartphones around as feature phones tend to appeal to customers who might not have a lot of money to spend, especially in emerging markets where a feature phone can be had for under $100, versus a high-end smartphone like the iPhone which will retail for several hundreds of dollars. However competitors from the likes of Samsung have seen the release of extremely affordable smartphones as well, thus rendering feature phones out of date. Hopefully with Symbian finally being phased off for good, Nokia will be able to concentrate better on their Lumia series and steal more smartphone market share in the future.

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