While baby monitors are certainly not a new piece of technology, we guess given that how big a role smartphones and tablets play in our lives these days that the technology behind baby monitors will be changed as well. Belkin has done that with the WeMo Baby which is part of the company’s WeMo line of home automated gadgets. The WeMo Baby is essentially a more high-tech version of the regular baby monitor and is a microphone that transmits audio from your baby’s room to mobile devices – up to six simultaneously, to be exact, as long as it is hooked up to a WiFi connection (presumably the one at home).

The WeMo Baby will also come with an accompanying that is only compatible with iOS devices, which is powered by Evoz’s baby monitoring service. It will work on 3G, 4G or WiFi which means that parents can listen in on their baby without having to be at home, although why would you leave a baby unattended at home alone is beyond our guess, but we guess the flexibility and mobility might have its place in some situations. The Belkin WeMo Baby will be priced at $90 and is expected to go on sale early next month. [Press release]

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